Wednesday, May 4, 2011

S'mores and other Spring Fun :)

Spring Term is here and we are excited for lots of free time and fun events!  Last night a whole bunch of us ventured out to Forest Hill Nature Center.  We didn’t get lost! Woohoo!  The boys made us a wonderful fire, and we all enjoyed walking in the trails, finding the cemetery, and bridges.  Frisbees were flying and baseballs were tossed.  Thankfully we had enough chocolate for everyone to enjoy multiple s’mores and toast perfectly golden brown marshmallows.

Easter Egg Hunt!

As one of our final events for winter semester, we decided to have an Easter Egg Hunt!  Even though the weather was a little rainy, that didn’t stop us.  We decided to move the hunt inside the chapel, which happens to be filled with a million different hiding spots.  As our hunters anxiously awaited little candy filled eggs, we surprised them with a challenge…blindfolds.  Teams of two had to work together to find the eggs, but one person had no sight.  It was a joy to watch and everyone enjoyed lots of candy and ice cream too!  A few weeks later, and eggs are still popping up in some random places!  If you didn’t join us this year, hopefully you will in the future!