Monday, September 12, 2011

Spotlight: Linsey Hough

Hello everyone!

 My name is Linsey and I am a senior this year. I am majoring in Integrated Physiology and Health Science (formerly known as Exercise Health Science) as well as minoring in chemistry and Spanish. With this I will attend medical school next year.

 With that goal in mind, last summer I worked for a program called the Mobile Health Fair. It is through the Presbyterian church. This program strives to provide medical care and medical education to people without insurance. So, this summer 6 people, including myself, traveled all around Ohio and Michigan for 9 weeks. We set up health fairs and did free health screenings for people. We mainly worked with the homeless and migrant workers and their children. It was such a great experience and such a blessing.

 I always think I know what God has in store for me when these opportunities come along and I always underestimate what he wanted me to get out of the experience. Working with these people and helping them has been one of the best experiences in my life, and has really shown me what I want to do in life. It is a great program for anyone wanting to go into the medical field and loves working with spanish speaking people :)

Here is a link if anyone is interested!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spotlight: Kait Squanda

Hello again everyone! 
It's kind of late, but here is one awesome lady that you should all get to know. Her name is Kait Squanda. Here is a little bio that she wrote for y'all.

I participated in summer research on campus over the summer in the PRISM program with Dr. Karen Ball. I also worked at Stucchi's Ice Cream and helped with the opening of the new store! I am an Integrative Physiology and Health Science major class of 2014 (sophomore).

 I LOVE dogs and have one at home, but nothing at school, except my plant. :]My favorite thing about Alma is the friendliness of everyone-staff, students, and all workers on campus. AND the pretty trees in the fall!

 My favorite thing about chapel is of course God and how everyone in there is my brother and sister in Christ!! I am involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a softball player, and I plan on getting involved in a small group as well this year.

 I am a PRISM mentor for first year students and my favorite color is bright yellow! I LOVE to cook/bake and experiment with food and I love to exercise and be creative and crafty. Helping and encouraging people gives me energy!
Thank you for getting to know me and this honor!!
Kait Squanda

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Year!

Welcome back for our old friends and welcome home to our new friends!

It's me, Elisabeth again. I am back and ready to keep the blog updated.

I hope today finds you happy and ready for this coming year. Keep posted and we will let you know of things happening with chapel and religious life on campus as well as helping you get to know some people from the chapel community.

This week, Carol will be speaking in chapel and we look forward to seeing you!

This past week Rob preached on James 1:1-4, try taking a minute today to go back and read through this again.  Think about how God is challenging you in the beginning of this new year to make you stronger.

So that's it for now, enjoy the rest of your day even if you still have classes and it's so great to see everyone!