Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi From the SMCs (:

Hello Chapel Friends!

           So many of you have been checking out the blog for Lent! Keep checking the blog for new entries coming up!

            As the SMCs we seek to help you feel welcome, comfortable, and spiritually challenged at Chapel and through bible studies, alternative services such as Catholic Mass, Traditional Worship, small groups, and next year there will be a class for anyone who would like to lead a bible study! If you want to contribute to the atmosphere Chapel aims for, sign up for the class next fall! Dr. Wise will be teaching it and all ACCL members are encouraged to join the class. I know a few SMCs will be taking the class also. This class will give you the biblical knowledge and skills you need to lead a bible study next year. Check it out! (:

          Here is a silly picture of your SMCs so you know who to contact if you want to volunteer!!! Or if you want to talk about God! Or if you have a prayer request! Or if you just have some questions or concerns about Chapel(: We're here to serve you guys and God of course :P Hang in there during this Busy week and also during exam week because you're almost done!!!


            Rachel and the SMCs

Top left to right: Riley, Janelle, George.
Bottom left to right: Ted, Kylie, Rachel, Caitlin, Jennafer

If you are super crazy stressed, just listen to this song by clicking on the link below and then see if you have the inspiration to keep working! 

Click Me!:  http://youtu.be/HCjIM7-aLmg

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