Friday, March 30, 2012

Never Forget.

Katie Arend is a junior, majoring in Psychology and Communication, she hopes to get her master's in socail work.  She is currently spending the semester studying in Philly, and enjoys catering weddings in the summer!
God is always there, but do you always acknowledge his presence? I can honestly admit that I haven’t always in the past, but God always find his way to make himself known every place and step you take. That was one of many things I realized here in Philadelphia. Coming to Philly I had no expectation to even attend a church service or any other religious based activity.

Passage to read: John 15:7

A week or so after I got into Philly I started having nightmares about the recent passing of my grandfather. I am not just talking about one or two bad dreams, this was happening every night. Coming to Philly while not knowing a single person made me a bit nervous to disclose what I was struggling with. I decided that I was going to talk to my friend Alicia whom I felt I could trust talking to. It was not until she and a few others started praying for me and encouraged me to pray about it. From there I started feeling better about my loss and stopped having nightmares. At this time I started to really feel convicted by the power of God more than I have in a long time. I then started strengthening my relationship with God and putting more trust in him.
I always thought being a Christian was easy. I realized that going to church, saying an occasional prayer is not what makes a true Christian. Being a Christian takes work and can be really challenging. My main focus this Lenten season and this semester is to maintain a great relationship with God. I want to have a true, never ceasing relationship. All the strong relationships in life need effort in order for them to grow and the one with God is no exception. This semester while walking with God I hope to look at my relationship with God as never failing and throughout the highs and lows of my life not forget that relationship. Even when I am weak in faith remember to make God a part of my life in every way that I can. This Lenten season I challenge you to examine your relationship with God and make him a never ending or forgotten part of your life.

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